Competitive and strategic intelligence as performance mechanisms

At a time when public and private organizations face moving and complex events, competitive intelligence is a way for companies to protect their assets, perform and become more resilient. To ensure economic security and sovereignty, competitive intelligence uses various tools such as strategic monitoring or lobbying.

To help you make the most of competitive intelligence, Major offers a range of customized and tailored solutions. From cyber-monitoring to e-reputation monitoring, OSINT investigation or personalized audit, we make sure you are not alone to face new challenges!

Competitive intelligence to reduce risk and strengthen performance

Our solutions and partners, such as CybelAngel, allow us to detect vulnerabilities, flaws, and data breaches. We offer to help you build, control, or enhance your methods and processes in terms of competitive intelligence and economic security.

Whether you need us for due diligence, to help you address a crisis, deploy cybersecurity solutions or set up a monitoring unit for e-reputation purposes, Major Intelligence ensures on-demand and customized consulting services.

Cyber monitoring

The implementation of this campaign is based on the following solutions :

Data Breach Prevention

Monitor, detect, and secure publicly available sensitive data before it is breached or compromised. Every data leak has the potential to become a major data breach. The size and complexity of today's information technology ecosystem means your data may be exposed far beyond your enterprise perimeter.

Account Takeover Prevention

Saturation can turn into destructive account takeovers. Detect exposed credentials on unsecured databases before these are compromised. Crawl the clear, deep, and dark web to stop threat actor attacks using your login information.

Asset Discovery & Monitoring

Secure your external attack surface. Every day, your providers, subsidiaries, and employees create digital instances to make your business thrive. Detect Shadow IT outside of your corporate network, from decommissioned servers to exposed RDPs.

Dark Web Monitoring

Gain visibility of attacks targeting your business. Listen in to what hackers are talking about on the Deep Web, Dark Web, and instant messaging applications. Understand the threats they bring to your business and access in-depth investigations to counter these attacks.

Domain Protection

Anticipate phishing attacks and counterfeiting schemes by monitoring, detecting, and taking-down fraudulent pages before they hurt your brand and business.

Cyber Due Diligence on physical person or legal entities

Cyber Due Diligence allows the parties involved in a transaction to secure it by evaluating the digital reputation of a party and identify the new threats to which digital spaces and information systems are exposed.

This allows you to validate a growth strategy or the selling of a company. This also helps you make better informed decisions by broadening your analysis of cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses that could impact business operations.

Cyber Due Diligence help detect the regulatory aspects to be followed and identify the adaptations to be made to the respective information systems. It can lead to the rapid correction of the most serious breaches identified, or to the decision not to connect certain parts of your information systems to avoid operational and reputational damage in the future.

Phishing campaign

A phishing (and/or smishing) campaign goals :

    • Address an underlying threat and increase your security.
    • Reinforce the cybersecurity of your organization and your subsidiaries.
    • Increase the skills and cyber maturity of your employees.

The implementation is based on:

    • A customized launch schedule, including several mailings per week and per month, an initial report, and then monthly reports, as well as a communication plan.
    • Learning by doing, including as many cases as necessary, tailored to all levels of skills and knowledge, individualized user support, form/attachment/SMS campaigns, training via short e-learning sequences, and regular follow-up

Other services

As your trusted partner, Major Intelligence will conduct a comprehensive audit to ensure your organization’s operational security and resilience. With the help of internal control experts, we investigate the following items:

    • Regulation and compliance
    • Cyber – ISSM
    • Markets – Business

Every organization will face unpredictable events that can lead to the disruption of operations and a change in your business environment. A crisis can negatively impact operations, employees, finances, reputation and, in some cases, the very existence of your  organization. This is why a crisis must be dealt with strategically.

Major Intelligence will help you manage a crisis based on your organization’s needs: remotely or on site, we help you orchestrate your operations, from crisis negotiation to the elaboration of a crisis unit.

Major Intelligence consultants help you build a strong growth and investment strategy. Thanks to our studies, you will be able to better master your competitive environment:

    • Benchmark a market
    • Understand the opportunities in a particular sector
    • Conduct a qualitative study on competitors
    • Define the commercial positioning of specific offers and services
    • Conduct a quantitative study to validate a commercial positioning
    • Conduct a competitive analysis to assess and understand your stakeholder ecosystem

Whether it comes to mapping an ecosystem or evaluating one’s flaws, the in-depth analysis of a strategic perimeter will enable you to detect new opportunities.

Our consultants are intelligence experts. They gather, process and analyze open-source information to help you identify growth opportunities and thwart competitive threats, both in the short and long term. 

Why work with Major Intelligence ?


Our team members are experienced intelligence officers, with expertise in cyber and competitive intelligence.


Major Intelligence solutions are adaptive and tailored to your needs. We offer customized recommendations to ensure the best results for the mission at hand.

Trust and confidentiality

Our methodology ensures end-to-end security and confidentiality.


We use market-leading technologies to meet your needs.

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